Today, we were all about experimenting with pine branches. Clay, pine branches and clay tools were set up on one half of the table and painting with red, green, and bronze paint using pine branches as paintbrushes were set up on the other half. 

Gym and Movement 

We had shared snack today brought in by Kedar. It consisted of mum mums, crackers and cheddar bunny mix. Thank you Kedar!  After gym, the children built with magnatiles, drew pictures using oil pastels, and used clay again (as per their request) with popsicle sticks. Joseph and Sanjay really enjoyed sticking the popsicle sticks into balls of clay that they rolled. Sanjay made a cookie and added holes in it by pressing down with his finger. Ava rolled her piece until she made a worm. She then made two worms and said they were dancing!

Music with Evan (sorry about the lack of pictures during music! The camera battery needed to be charged!)