We finally got around to opening up our stack of mail today! We had letters from: New Zealand, Toronto, and New Hampshire. We also had a post card from California and read the card from San Francisco. Now we have a lot of correspondence to keep up with! We were most excited about a handmade book that our friends in New Hampshire sent to us. Since we had asked them if they enjoy Pete the Cat books, they in turn decided to create for us a  book of all of their shoes! Just like in Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes. We are going to need to come up with a great idea to make a book back for them!! And our friends from Toronto sent us a magnet for our fridge and some Canada tattoos! We'll put the tattoos in everyone's bag next week to take home. 

Can I hold all the mail? I gonna put the magnet on the fridge! Can I hold it?!
— Ava

I am going to be emailing everyone a calendar so we can start having some really fun, culturally diverse events in the classroom. We have a Hanukkah activity lined up already, and would love to have some more holidays to celebrate either before or after the break. Thanks for your help! 

And thank you to Sanjay's family for bringing us shared snack! We had freeze dried mango, raisins and cheddar bunnies. Yum!

Books & Songs

  • We read all morning long! It's time for us to start making some books of our own to read! Here are a selection of our books: If You're a Robot and You Know it, When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really Angry, Let's Play, Not A Box . . .
  • Some songs we sang today include: Wheels on the bus, ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
I like “If You Happy,” you read it?
— Angelo

Art & Sensory

  • Clay with tools and pieces of pine tree from our walk on Monday
  • Drawing with dry erase markers on a white board
  • Angelo, Hamish and Cammy did their self portraits for the month
  • Playdough on the light table
I using the hammer, tap tap, bang bang.
— Hamish

Math & Manipulatives

  • We put out some new jigsaw puzzles today- everyone loved them! Most of the day was spent working on puzzles. I'll be adding even harder puzzles next week to keep this interest going. 
  • Tinkering with loose parts - I am going to be making a copy of an article about loose parts and their importance so you can read it at home! 
  • Magna-tiles
I am using all of the puzzles!
— Sanjay


  • Running, jumping, sliding
  • Playing with the parachute
  • Dancing in the classroom with scarves while listening to "No More Monkeys" and "Wheels on the Bus"
Just a second, just a second!
— Dylan

Music with Isabella

  • We started talking about high and low sounds and listened to two differing musical pieces that demonstrated these concepts. We also used a xylophone to hear the low and high notes. 
  • We sang the book "Subway" and the book "Over in the Meadow."
  • We started listening to the story of Tubby the Tuba and will continue next time. 
Hiiiiiiiiggggghhhhh! Loooooooooooooooow.
— Cammy, making the high and low sounds each time a friend used the xylophone