This morning started with a scientific experiment: what happens when we pour vinegar onto baking soda. Dylan excitedly announced, "It's floating!" and Zara was equally excited, "It made bubbles!" Joseph and Dylan plunged their hands into the wet baking soda and enjoyed the smooth and sticky feeling. We can't wait to do more experiments!

I am so happy to be officially back- no more jury duty. I missed all of you, and all of your kids! Thanks for understanding my absence. 

An email will go out today in regards to the Christmas party- be on the look out. Thanks! 

Books & Songs

  • We read: Pete the Cat Saves ChristmasThe Dreidel Game, Pete the Cat Rocking in my School Shoes
  • We sang: Good morning, Jump in the water, days of the week
  • We did our "My First Yoga" book and used magic glitter to transform into different animals
  • We talked about the letter "G" today and took turns drawing our interpretation of "G" We also brainstormed words that start with G: grapes, gold, goldfish, good . . .

Art & Sensory

  • Baking soda experiment
  • Painting a secret project for Christmas :) 
  • Finishing our snow globes by adding more glitter & a few little figurines. We'll glue them shut and have them out in the classroom soon!
  • Painting at the easel
  • Drawing with markers
  • Felt balls in the sensory bin

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building with large duplo lego blocks
  • Train tracks

Music Project

  • We used the xylophone blocks that we can move around (it's not one continuous instrument). Dylan kept shouting out, "I doing it like Isabella!" We were fascinated that the blocks had letters on them, and that they were all different colors. 
  • We filled up glass jars with colored water and tapped on the jars with a metal spoon to hear different sounds and pitches. 

Soccer with Coach Zack

  • We pretended that the soccer balls and equipment were different elements of a snowman and put them together. We continued to remind ourselves to use our feet instead of our hands to move the soccer balls. 

*I will send videos tomorrow as they are taking a while to upload today*