We were delighted to take a buggy ride out to the park this morning. Everyone was able to gather up some leaves, view some sunning pigeons, and find lots of pumpkins in the park! We even had big piles of leaves to lift and push up into the air and watch them fall down like rain. We spoke a lot about how the leaves start up on the trees and then they fall down when it's windy and the air gets colder. 

Welcome back, Bowen! We missed you!

Books & Songs

  • We read: Leaf Man (on every page, Cammy kept saying, "But where is Leaf Man?"), Old Bear, Pete the Cat's Magic Sunglasses, Go Away Big Green Monster
  • We sang: The leaves are falling down, a rainbow song about colors, Open shut them, Skinny ma-rinky-dinky dink

Art & Sensory

  • With rainbow pictures as inspiration, painting with tempera paints. 
  • Gluing leaves Rachel collected over the weekend. 
  • Blue flubber in the sensory bin and using plastic knives to practice cutting (always with adult supervision!)
  • Drawing with egg shaped crayons at the easel


  • The rainbow was projected again today. Here are some snippets of conversation that we heard happening about the rainbow:
  • Ava: "It's a rainbow! Rachel did it. How did the rainbow get there? It's blue and orange. Ava make the rainbow." 
  • Cammy: "Rainbow up there! Rainbow up there!"
  • Sanjay: "The rainbow's over there. Sanjay makes the rainbows."
  • Hamish: "Orange rainbow. Yellow rainbow. There's some pink."
  • Sanjay: "It's very very big!"
  • Bowen: "Rainbow!"

Ava's shadow became part of our rainbow today!

French with Florence

  • Florence brought a big colorful cube today. Each side of the cube had a different color on it. Each child had a chance to roll the cube and when it landed on a color, she had a different song to sing that correlated to a fruit or veggie of the same color. 
  • We did a song that's the equivalent of "ring around the rosy" in French

Math & Manipulatives

  • Observing and stacking different "ooze" tubes- they drip at different speeds, some make bubbles, some have little grains of color in them. 
  • Building with unit blocks- making garages and roads for cars

Dramatic Play

  • Bowen took care of all the baby monkeys today
  • Trying on all different helmets- Joseph and Hamish tried on a bunch of hats together and would exchange them so nicely


  • Gym time!