"The rainbow is only yellow and orange today." - Sanjay

One of the first things that was spoken in the classroom this morning was: "Where's the rainbow? It's not there. I want it to come back." - Dylan. He looked up at the wall intently and inspected it a few times to make sure it wasn't there. Hamish was also very disappointed at the lack of rainbow in the classroom, "The rainbow's NOT here." Rachel suggested that, "Maybe the rainbow doesn't come to school on Fridays." We'll have to wait and see if it reappears for us next week. 

A little bit later in the morning, the prism from the room in the front of the school did make a little tiny rainbow. Sanjay noted it immediately. "The small rainbow is back today!" he exclaimed. I wonder where this rainbow project will take us! I think we're going to start thinking about what makes a rainbow and why it goes away and comes back. Getting a story and child formed theory about rainbows is more important to us than giving them all of the answers right now. We want to get to the root of their curiosities and find out the knowledge they already possess.

Let us know if you hear any good stories about rainbows from your children this weekend :) 

Books & Songs

  • We read: Five Green and Speckled Frogs, On The Tracks with Thomas, Red Light Green Light
  • We sang: Where oh where is my friend?, Good morning, Days of the week, Wheels on the bus, Skinny-ma-rinky dinky dink (definitely our favorite- we always have to sing it at least twice).

Postcard Project

  • Today we each decorated another postcard to send off to two more schools and a bunch of relatives- thanks for giving us addresses and contacts! We LOVE getting mail!
  • We read postcards from: a kindergarten class in South Carolina, Janaris' cousins in Puerto Rico (which came in Spanish!), and two postcards from Sanjay's grandparents in India.
  • We learned that a symbol of Puerto Rico is the Coqui, which is a frog. And the postcard also had a beautiful image of a hibiscus flower. 
  • The postcards from India had the Taj Mahal, which Angelo told us is a castle! There was also a card with an elephant walking down the road, which Ava found really silly. 
  • The card from South Carolina had an image of a bridge at night time. Sanjay said, "It's so dark! I can't see anything!" We talked about how long and wide the bridge is and Sanjay said, "WOW! It's so big!"

Art & Sensory

  • Painting with watercolors. We really practiced the technique of getting the brush wet, rubbing the paint, and then putting the brush on the paper. We are getting so masterful with materials.
  • Drawing on postcards with markers
  • Using sticky paper with old stamps and dried flowers. Joseph and Rachel had a great time discovering all of the different pictures and images on the stamps. Joseph really liked the stamp that had a duck on it, and one that had an airplane. 
  • Painting- we all sat down together before lunch to do a painting. We started off with just blue and purple paint on the paper and slowly added red, pink and black. It was so interesting to see the very different styles everyone employs. Sanjay made sure that the majority of his paper was covered. Cammy dipped his brush into the paints but barely made any marks until the end when he swirled them all together. Ava also made very few marks on her paper- and wanted to know why there was no yellow! 

Math & Manipulatives

  • The light table was bustling with activity this morning. Dylan, Joseph, Angelo and Hamish used blocks with translucent colors and water to build. Joseph has been very interested in using the half circle blocks and letting them sway back and forth like a boat on the water. Hamish likes to stack the blocks tall like a tower, and lets Angelo push the building down (to everyone's great excitement!). Dylan collects all of the blue ones. 
  • Buses, trains, cars and things that go- Cammy is always finding our vehicles and showing them around the classroom. 
  • Animals on the sensory table. Cammy took them out from the basket and lined them up one after the other. 

Dramatic Play

  • Both Ava and Sanjay were interested in making tea today. I told Sanjay that some of my favorites are mint tea and raspberry tea, and he decided that his pot was filled with "BLUEBERRY tea!" He offered me the teapot to drink from and we talked about how it's too hot to use the pot to drink from and we need a cup! Next week we're planning on making a tea party day. Do you have a tea set (for kids) at home that we can borrow on Wednesday??
  • There has been a lot of interest in giving animals baths. Dylan likes to wash Buddy (his dog) in the play sink. Ava was washing the purple monkey, too. And Joseph washed off the polar bear. 


  • We "swam" in the grass this morning and searched for fish! Ava found a "Red one! A pink one!" as we kept swimming. 
  • Everyone is getting bigger and braver and doing more jumps with feet off the ground! Our balance on the beam is also improving. 

Music with Isabella

  • This morning we pretended to get on the subway train and used shakers to represent the fast and slow movements of the subway. 
  • Isabella sang us the book Subway- we loved it so much, we did it three times!
  • We also sang the book Over in the Meadow
  • We listened to a "slow and heavy" musical piece, and then one that was very "quick and light"

Here are some brilliant smiles for the weekend!