• We finished up our drawings for our special book all about our favorite foods to cook (we'll wait for Angelo's to be made on Friday before we finish the books!).  Cammy told us that he likes to cook cheddar bunnies and apples, and Bowen likes to cook carrots. 

We also did a really fun book reading with music integrated. We read a new story: The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Every time we saw or heard the troll talking, we shook our shakers to scare him away from the goats! Everyone was so interested in what was going to happen- big eyes all around the circle rug! The children showed a lot of concern for the goats when they felt scared. We shook our eggs even harder to get the troll to leave the goats alone. We also did a lot of tapping on the ground every time the goats went "trip trap, trip trap," across the wooden bridge. We're going to continue exploring how we can add sound elements to some classic story books over the next few weeks. 

Our spoon chime came back down today, too. When I asked what sound it made, Sanjay listened really closely and decided, "Ring-ling-ling-ling-ling." He's clearly paying attention to the tinkling sound of the metal pieces, and the way that the reverberations make continued repeating sounds. Everyone came over and spent time making music with the spoons!

Ava and Zara made a lot of music this morning as well. We did more experimenting with our "singing bowl." Zara tried to tap it while it was in her hand, and it made very little sound. When encouraged to leave the bowl on the ground, she still had her hand against it- so still no sound! Then finally she let go and gave it a big tap and we were able to hear the bowl really sing! We talked about how the bowl makes a really long sound. Ava tried to use her foot inside the bowl to make sound- Rachel asked, "Can your foot make music?" Ava said, "NO, that's silly Rachel." 


Here's a video of some music exploration this morning.

Books & Songs

  • We sang: Wheels on the bus, Days of the week, Good morning
  • We read: Five Green and Speckled Frogs, Ten Little Bluebirds, Tap Tap Bang Bang, Moo, Baa, La La La, Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa, I'm a Little Teapot, If You're Happy and You Know It... and even more! We were in the mood to read stories today. 
  • After lunch we started talking about the letter "E" and came up with a little list of words we know that start with E: Elephant, everyone, eye, elbow, empty and eagle

Art & Sensory

  • Watercolor paints with wooden letters
  • Drawing with metallic tempera crayons
  • Drawing with thin markers - and Cammy & Bowen made their "What I like to cook" pages
  • Drawing with thick markers 
  • Painting triangles to become decorations and ornaments for upcoming festivities

Math & Manipulatives

  • Hamish has been really interested in how many small objects he can fit inside larger ones. He likes to use tiny pieces of rolled up aluminum foil and sticks the pieces into different containers. He's also been trying varied methods to get the pieces back out once he's finished! 
  • Joseph and Cammy really enjoyed fitting as many of the felt balls in their hands as they could- quantifying, categorizing, balancing; so many wonderful benefits from trying to squeeze as much into your hands as possible! 
  • Dylan, Sanjay, Cammy and Hamish worked with magna-tiles and creating 3-D shapes with Janaris. 

Dramatic Play

  • Bowen spent a lot of time cooking in the kitchen. She made food for the dinosaur, her baby doll, and gave a big heaping bowl of food to Rachel. She especially enjoyed cooking carrots in the oven. 
  • Joseph was also doing a lot of cooking today. He likes to sort all the different colored plates and put food on each of them. 


  • Some of us sat down to make some mini peach pies. We used crescent dough and sugar-free peach jam. We'll eat them later at our pot-luck tonight! 


  • Today was soccer with coach Zack! We "made a painting" by going to different colored circles and rubbing them with our feet- then we ran around the spread the "paint." We also practiced big kicks by using our feet to kick the cones down.