Since we have been so excited about the brief window of time that the rainbow appears in the classroom, we used a digital projector to have a big rainbow light up the skies of our 2A room today! 

There is a rainbow. A beautiful rainbow. The rainbow is up there!
— Sanjay
It’s a big rainbow up there!
— Zara
There’s the rainbow and the grass and the red flowers.
— Hamish
There is pink and red and gray and purple.
— Sanjay

Then we were a little bit sneaky and changed the image to a different scene with a rainbow. Sanjay was a bit concerned, "Where did the flowers go? This rainbow is under." And Hamish also had some thoughts about this new image of a rainbow. 

Janaris: Where did the flowers go?

Hamish: They're gone. They're hiding! They're hiding under water. Hiding in the sea.

Janaris: Oh no!

Hamish: There they go. They aren't hiding. (Rachel had changed it back to the flowers) They were under the sea!

Books & Songs

  • We read: Pete the Cat: Rocking In My School Shoes, Ten Splishy Splashy Fish, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, My Friend is Sad (With Piggie and Elephant)
  • We sang: "Where oh where is my friend Joseph? Where oh where is my friend Joseph? Where oh where is my friend Joseph? Standing on the red mat," while we played in the gym. Twinkle twinkle, ABCs, Wheels on the bus
  • We listened to some new songs while we danced: Yellow Submarine (Sanjay was singing it this morning), Octopuses' Garden, and Banana's in Pajamas

Art & Sensory

  • Arranging and using dried apple slices and leaves as loose parts. Zara continued to use them to make portraits, and even included her Daddy in her picture. Joseph liked breaking the apple circles into pieces and crumbled them up. Kedar liked to pick up the apples and drop them onto the felt. He'd giggle each time!
  • Painting with black shimmery paint at the easel. Joseph, Zara, Sanjay and Hamish worked on creating what looks like a stormy rain cloud! It was really fun dipping the brush into the paint and splatting it -- everyone's face has little speckles of paint. 
  • Water table with little people and apples! The apples became really fun balls to pick up and drop and splash around. 
  • Zara drew another self portrait. This time she made so many circles on her paper! The progress from fast scribbles to meaningful and purposeful shapes is really taking off! 

Math & Manipulatives

  • Big floor puzzle with sea creatures
  • Using bristle blocks
  • Filling up the school bus with puzzle pieces

Dramatic Play

  • Kedar did a lot of cooking in the kitchen today. He liked to use the spoon to mix in the bowls. He likes to fill up the bowls with food and let them spill out on the ground. 
  • Samuel made a very hot pot of tea! Rachel would take a sip and pretend that it was too hot, and send Samuel and Kedar into fits of laughter! Then it was too cold and Rachel made a funny "Brrrrrrrr" sound. 
  • Zara was an animal doctor and made bandaids for our big giraffe because he keeps getting knocked down. 

Music with Evan

  • Evan showed us a meditation bowl today. We made the bowl vibrate and then used a wooden mallet to rub around the bowl and continue the vibrations. Everyone got an opportunity to make the bowl "sing." 
  • We sang Itsy Bitsy Spider and Itsy Bitsy Cow! We also sang the wake up song, shake shake shake song, twinkle twinkle, and a song about a little bird. 


  • We took out the soccer balls and everyone practiced their kicking skills