This morning, the children painted coffee filters using water color and drew on some paper with markers. Some of the children were really interested that Pinky was in a new cage as she was getting ready to go away for the holiday weekend (Thank you to Zara and the Jain family!). Dylan brought in some carrots for Pinky to eat which were a major hit. Zara said "she's eating it!" and Dylan replied "Pinky! You need to eat it slowly!" Hamish found this extremely funny and said, "that's so silly!" 

Soccer: Lately, the children love asking what day of the week it is. They are really learning to correctly associate the day with the specialists. "Gym time!" says Angelo. "Just Soccer with Coach Zack!" said Dylan after confirming that today is Wednesday.  

Clay: After coming back from the gym this morning, the children were very focused while using clay. Cammy piled up pieces of clay into the back of a dump truck as Joseph pinched pieces of clay and rolled them into balls. 

Letter Study: Today's letter of the alphabet that we worked on was C. We spoke of how Cammy started with C as well as carrots and car.