Everyone was fascinated by the feathers and glue available on the table this morning! Hamish and Samuel thought it was really funny to tickle each other's noses using the feathers. Drawing using markers was also on the table this morning. Joseph chose a marker and shouted "blue one" has he used this marker to create many different lines on the paper.

French with Florence: Today, the children sat around the table and did an art project during French. Some of them were confused as they normally walk right over to the rug when Florence walks in as that is where we normally have French at. Florence brought a picture of a turkey and traced each child's hand as their individual "turkeys". 

Gym and Movement: 

After we came back from the gym the children really wanted to play in the water table. They used cups and spoons and had a great time! 

Letter Study: As we slowly introduce the children to the alphabet, today we worked on B. We thought of some words that came up with the letter B. "B is for ball" said Hamish. Some other words we came up with were blocks, box and blue. Each child then had the chance to draw their interpretation of the letter B.