We had a quieter morning here in the 2A class, but got to work on lots of painting, gluing, and playdough projects. When they first arrived, a paint-rainbow was waiting on the table with some fun sponge brushes. We are happy to be involved in all of these processes of painting- no matter the end result! We did some other color mixing painting and saw how we could make orange, green and purple. 

Books & Songs

  • We read: Flamingoes on the Roof a book of poetry, If You're a Robot and You Know it (which Angelo happily announced "Read 'If You Happy!'" and All Aboard!
  • We sang: Good morning, Days of the week, Skinny ma-rinky-dinky-dink
  • We talked about the letter A and came up with a few different words that start with A: Angelo, Ava, Ant, Apple, Alligator. Then everyone took a turn trying to make the letter A. We'll keep practicing since everyone has started showing some interest in the alphabet and in some pre-writing skills. 
  • Zara and Rachel wrote everyone's names and counted how many letters they have

Art & Sensory

  • Cocoa mint playdough
  • Color mixing- painting
  • Rainbow painting
  • Drawing with markers
  • Handprints for Thanksgiving

French with Florence

  • We learned how to sing Old MacDonald in French today, and got to see some of the animals on Florence's special cards. Tomorrow we'll be making a turkey with her for Thanksgiving!

Old MacDonald with Florence: https://youtu.be/GM1x7QruNtM


  • Throwing balls back and forth
  • Swinging - singing No More Monkeys
  • Balance beam

Math & Manipulatives

  • Block play
  • Hamish experimented with what bottles he could put aluminum foil into and get it back out of
  • Light table with legos and magna-tiles