This morning the rainbow reappeared in our classroom! Sanjay was the first to notice that it was up near the ceiling. "Miss Janaris, LOOK! It's the rainbow!" Then Ava ran over, so excited, "That's the rainbow!" Later in the morning, close to lunch time, Cammy said, "Where the rainbow? Rainbow gone." Such observant and curious learners!

Books & Songs

  • We read: Oh, No! about a bunch of animals that get stuck in a hole and tiger is watching and waiting to eat them. Then an elephant comes and saves all the animal and tiger gets stuck in the hole! We also read Green Eggs and Ham. We have been very interested in rhymes and sounds that are similar. 
  • We sang: Around and around, Days of the week (Yay, Sanjay knew that today was Wednesday- he looked at our photos of specialists and figured out that soccer day means Wednesday!), Hurry hurry drive the firetruck, Taxi song, Skinny ma-rinky-dinky-dink (Samuel sang all the words with me and made a little heart with his fingers), Ring around the rosy (We all stood up and made a very big circle and had the best time falling down!), Humpty Dumpty, and London Bridge

Art & Sensory

  • Cammy and Angelo worked on their self portraits
  • Drawing with markers
  • Painting with tempera paints on paper and also onto coffee filters (we will do the coffee filters with watercolor tomorrow)
  • Everyone chose a fabric to make blankets for their bears. Rachel will sew up the blankets this weekend!
  • Walking and jumping on bubble wrap!

Math & Manipulatives

  • Big napkin rings for stacking and building with
  • Building with hollow blocks and our 2A blocks. Dylan and Rachel made a big castle, then Dylan made his friends slide down the castle. Ava put all the blocks back up and put herself up at the top of the castle! 

Music and Sound

  • We absolutely love our wind chime! Everyone was carefully moving their fingers through the spoons and making some wonderful sounds today. 
  • We also used our plastic plates in the kitchen and wooden spoons and were tapping on them like drums! 
  • We have a new chime by the door that we use for transitions- Rachel will sound it when it's time to clean up, or when it's time to get ready to line up for the gym. It grabs everyone's attention!


  • Today we had soccer with Coach Zack! We pretended to do some laundry today. We had to use our feet to put shirts, socks and shoes into the soccer nets and then we had to pretend the soccer balls were soap to clean everything up. We are still working on not using our hands- but there's been such a great improvement from last week to this week already!
  • We also went outside briefly for our first fire drill today. Everyone did SUCH an amazing job! We talked about using our listening ears and holding on to teacher's hands so that everyone would stay safe. We were so impressed with how well everyone listened today. Way to go 2A!


  • Today we mixed up some pumpkin muffins! We used one box of vanilla cake mix and one can of pumpkin to make the muffins. You mix the two together and pop them in the oven. So simple and delicious. We did not have a chance to eat the muffins today, but we will taste them tomorrow.