*Our camera is not working, so please excuse the limited amount of photos. Hopefully we will be able to fix it soon!

This morning we took a delightful walk through WMP in the buggies. It was so beautiful outside and the sunshine brought smiles to our faces. All week long Sanjay wanted to go outside to gather more leaves, and it was perfect today!


Thank you, Dylan, for bringing in pumpkin cornbread for shared snack today!

And a big thank you for my surprise cupcakes this morning! My birthday's not til next week, but I appreciate the love. :)

Books & Songs

  • If You're a Robot and You Know itGo Away Big Green Monster and more!
  • Happy birthday, ABCs, Wheels on the bus, Itsy bitsy spider

Art & Sensory

  • Arranging felt triangles
  • Handprints for Thanksgiving
  • Tinkering with recyclables

Math & Manipulatives

  • Constructing with big cardboard boxes- Zara made houses!
  • Magna-tiles

Music with Isabella

  • This morning Isabella introduced us to a special xylophone where you can separate the different notes. Hamish was so tickled by the sound- "That's a funny sound!" -each time someone played. 
  • We also listened to loud and fast music and quiet slow music
  • Then we read/sang 3 books "Over In The Meadow," "Animal Music," and "Subway." 

Have a fabulous weekend!