We experimented with aluminum foil and all the ways that we can manipulate it. We crumpled it into a ball, ripped it, hid toys under it and tried to guess what they were based on the imprint it left in the foil . . . we'll continue to explore the possibilities of foil!

Joseph also had a really wonderful time painting on the foil. We used fingerpaints. He quickly discovered that he could make really interesting shapes and lines in the paint with his fingers. Kedar joined him in exploring the feel and movement of the paint on the foil. Sanjay liked to splat the paint, and Dylan enjoyed having the paint fill his hands so he could squish and squelch the paint in his hands, making a delightful sound! 

Books & Songs

  • We sang: Good morning, around and around, days of the week, hurry hurry drive the firetruck, taxi song, skinny-ma-rinky-dinky-dink & more
  • We read: If You're a Robot and you Know it, Firebears the Rescue Team, Panda Bear Panda Bear, Waking Dragons & more!

Art & Sensory

  • Gluing pieces of fabric in rectangles and triangles
  • Painting on canvas with primary colors
  • Finger painting on foil


  • Exploring all of the same objects from the "robot making box." We talked about our robot from yesterday and how Rachel is making sure he doesn't fall apart and making all of his limbs and appendages secure together. 

French with Florence

  • Today Florence brought Chicka Chicka ABC, which we read in French 
  • We sang ABC in French a bunch of times, and also a song about a frog in the rain and a snail in the rain. 

Dance Party!

  • The best way to brighten a rainy day is to do some dancing! We had so much joy and laughter as we danced to some fun oldies like "Rock around the clock." 


  • We fit five friends on the swing in the gym and sang Five little monkeys teasing mr. crocodile. 
  • Running, jumping, tossing balls to each other
  • Bubbles!