We have been reading the story If You're a Robot and You Know it, and today we took our interest in the story to the next level. Rachel gathered a variety of different recycled materials and set it out for the 2As to explore. Our investigation of the materials was tremendous! We sat engrossed in mini-experiments for about 45 minutes! We put different lids together, tested out how the world looked through mesh and green plastic, put a beaded necklace into different jars to see how it would sound . . .there were so many thoughtful and purposeful explorations happening. In the end, we started constructing our robot. We started with a big tin can head, added some eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Then we decided together that he needs a neck, just like us, to attach his head to his body. His body is a big metal rectangle and we attached a stretchy metal piece for his legs (if he really stood up, he would bounce from place to place as his legs stretched and contracted), and his arms are plastic tubing and one spray nozzle. Our robot also has a tummy and a heart! He doesn't have a name just yet, or a story, but here are some of our first musings about robots:

What is a robot? What does a robot do?

Cammy- Up and down, up and down. 

Zara- It goes beep bop.

Hamish- It's under the water.

Dylan- Flies! It flies with arms. 

Ava- We made a robot!

Joseph- A robot, up and down! (He moved his arms in the stiff up and down motion we recognize as robot). 

Angelo- Stomps!

Sanjay- It fights. 

We'll continue to use recycled materials to build and see where it leads us!

Books & Songs

  • We sang: Good morning, days of the week (almost everyone knew that today is Monday!), Wheels on the bus
  • We read: Firebears the Rescue Team, If You're a Robot and you Know it, The Pout Pout Fish Goes to School, All Aboard!

Music project

  • This morning while we heard different pieces by Beethoven, I asked the children what music is. Here are some of the responses:
  • Ava: Music is violins
  • Sanjay: Music is wheels on the bus.
  • Angelo: Piano.
  • Dylan: Music is for all the friends. 
  • Zara: Music is for dancing!
  • We drew the music again and have notice a lot more circular motions happening while the classical music is on. 

Art & Sensory

  • Cocoa mint playdough
  • Loose parts: Apple chips, leaves, and napkin rings
  • Making mono prints by painting in a container and then pressing a piece of paper on top of all of the paint. 

Math & Manipulatives

  • Angelo and Dylan worked on building train tracks
  • Ava has had a bigger interest in the block area and sets up all the blocks with her friends pictures on them. 
  • Hamish and Joseph did a lot of work at the light table
  • Cammy looked at many different insects and small creatures in our acrylic blocks. 

French with Florence

  • Today the kids requested different songs and Florence tried to translate them into French- ABCs, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Wheels on the bus
  • She also read a story about a Mommy that was sleeping, so all of the fun noisy toys couldn't be played with!


  • The gym was super fun today, we did a lot of running, and moving through the tunnel.