Touching the yellow pumpkin, discovering the bumps and smooth parts, the different texture of the stem, and the coolness of the pumpkin skin.

Today we were able to go outside for the first time! We hopped in the buggies and took a walk over to Morgan's Market to look for pumpkins. They had such a great selection! We saw yellow, white, and various shades of orange pumpkins. We also got to touch and look at green gooseneck gourds. Now we have 5 pumpkins in our classroom, just like in the story!  We explored the pumpkins with our hands, by drawing on them with some chalk, and looking with flashlights and magnifying glasses. 

Books & Songs

  • We sang: Wheels on the bus, good morning, Itsy bitsy spider, and ABCs
  • We read: Here Comes Halloween, Curious George's Halloween, Hungry Bunny, and Five Little Pumpkins

Art & Sensory

  • Drawing with chalk
  • Making a big pumpkin! We used model magic, paint, orange sand, and glitter to create a very lovely pumpkin. We'll hang it up once it dries. 

Math & Manipulatives

  • Squigz on the new chalkboard
  • Block play
  • Testing out different objects on the light table


  • Playing with flashlights
  • Exploring sound with rustling, crunchy papers

Music with Evan

Strumming Evan's Guitar:

Dancing with Evan:

  • We had our very first class with Evan today! He was all prepared for us- and sang Five Little Monkeys!
  • We also got to try strumming his guitar 
  • Evan brought a wooden flute with an eagle on it. He played it for us, and we got to touch the eagle. 


  • In the gym we did a lot of play in the tent and tunnel
  • Outside to Morgan's Market
  • Dancing with scarves in the classroom
  • Sanjay danced on the crunchy paper

Sanjay dancing on the crunchy paper (with Kedar, too):