Happy 2nd birthday, Joseph! 

We started the morning with a little party for Joseph's second birthday. We sang to him and enjoyed some delicious cake together. Hope your day is very special, Joseph!

Books & Songs

  • We read: Where is the Green Sheep?, Not a Box, and Faces
  • We sang: Good morning, Days of the week, identified different shapes (circle, oval, half circle, rectangle, triangle, square, star, and tear drop), and tried out a brand new "ABC Yoga" book with different animal poses. A few of the trickier letters have natural elements- like V is for Volcano. I think that was our very favorite because we jumped up and let all of our lava out.

Art & Sensory

  • Self portraits: We have a lot more circular shapes happening in our portraits this month, and a lot more conversation of the different elements of our bodies and faces. 
  • Drawing with markers

Math & Manipulatives

  • Blocks and hollow blocks- creating tunnels, houses, and towers
  • Puzzles
  • Animals

Dramatic Play

  • There were a couple of new costumes in our dramatic play center today- a fire fighter outfit with a fire extinguisher, and also a construction worker outfit with a hammer, goggles, and a saw. We had a great time putting on these different elements and trying out what all the different tools could do.
  • We had a huge box out on the rug this morning, in conjunction with reading "Not a Box." Our box was a big boat and four or five friends would climb aboard at a time. Angelo also did some break dancing moves inside the box when he was in there alone. 
  • Lots of baby play and taking care of babies today. Camden held two babies at once and cradled them to make sure they were safe. Bowen found a popsicle stick and looked like she was giving her baby a shot.
  • Samuel and Camden found all of the baby stuffed animals and fit them into holes at the easel 

Postcard Project

  • Rachel is in a Reggio Emilia educator group on Facebook and is part of a postcard exchange with a few different schools around the world. Today we placed a big world map up on the wall. We're going to start talking about the map and where some of the schools are, and then we're going to mail out postcards! Hopefully we will be receiving a bunch of postcards soon, too. 
  • If anyone has relatives out of the country, we'd love to send and receive postcards from them as well! Just let us know if that's something you'd like to help us with. 


  • Lots of parachute play in the gym. Sanjay, especially, loves to use the parachute. He likes to lay on the parachute and kick his legs against it as Rachel partially covers his body. Bowen really loves to play hide and seek in the parachute as well. 
  • Ava, Dylan, Angelo and a few other friends had a great time sitting in the swing and getting a ride while we sang "Rock-a-bye Baby." 
  • Joseph, Hamish and Angelo had a great time following one another around the gym. They love to climb up the steps and bounce down the slide. 
  • Samuel had a wonderful time going in and out of the tunnel!