This morning we started to reorganize the classroom a little bit. Already our bodies are getting bigger and we wanted to make more space for the interests your children are displaying to us. We opened up the space by the kitchen so we can do more dress up, taking care of animals, and cooking!

Sanjay announced, "Rachel, I am baking chocolate chip cookies. They are getting so hot! I am baking them. Oh, they are ready!" He ran off back into the kitchen and proudly displayed the chocolate chip cookie in a bowl. "It is cooled down, you can eat it now." 

Dylan stood in the kitchen and found a bowl and whisk. He created his own song, "I am mixing, I am mixing, mixing mixing." 

Angelo and Hamish worked together to try to fit different objects into a small hole in the kitchen. They fit in the laminated pumpkin and apple pictures. But the leaf pictures were bigger and they had to brainstorm how to get them in!

Books & Songs

  • We sang: Around and around, Good morning, and a new song: "Rachel's here today, Rachel's here today, everybody shout hooray!, Rachel's here today." We also sang Days of the week, Skinny ma rinky dinky dink, ABCs, and 5 little monkeys.
  • We read: Leaf ManGo Away Big Green Monster!, Not a Box, Thomas the Train Treasure Hunt Day and others throughout the morning

Art & Sensory

  • Painting on mirrors with shiny tempera paints
  • Also painting on our hands 
  • Naming all of the colors as we use them!
  • Angelo and Cammy got to squeeze paint onto their pumpkins today
  • Drawing with oil pastels on black paper

Ava and Dylan painting on mirrors:

Dramatic Play

  • We have really loved using a pretend key at the door. Maybe we need to collect some keys and locks and work with them!
  • Wearing different dress up costumes
  • Cooking, mixing, pouring, baking, and pretend eating!

Music with Isabella

  • This morning Isabella introduced us to a vibratone instrument. We counted that the vibration and sound lasts for 14 seconds! Everyone had a turn to use the mallet and produce a sound, and then when they touched the vibratone all of the sound stopped. 
  • We read a book about sounds as well
  • We also listened to two music pieces- one with short fast sounds and one with longer, drawn out sounds. 
  • Here are some videos:

Shared Snack

  • This morning Joseph and his family brought in pumpkin bread and muffins for us to share. Thank you, Joseph! Your friends really loved this special treat!