Sanjay said, "It's a rainbow!" after he dipped his brush into all of the colors. Then Hamish said, "I'm making a rainbow," and created an arc on his paper to demonstrate his knowledge about the shape of rainbows. 

This morning we were greeted by the Big Green Monster puppet- and some paint to recreate him. This book is so wonderful because it helps us isolate and talk about facial body parts one at a time. The puppet comes apart and can be put back together, giving us a chance to really see where on a face the features go. 

*Please start sending in the $5 for our pizza party on Monday after the Halloween parade* Thank you! 

Books & Songs

  • We read: Go Away Big Green Monster!, Where is the Green Sheep?, Firebears the Rescue Team, Not a Box, Good Night Good Night Construction Site & more!
  • We sang all morning! We made up fun songs all day long. One of our favorite made up songs happened in the gym. It went something like this (for each child): Ava likes to jump up and down, jump up and down, jump up and down. Ava likes to jump up and down in the gym. And we sang it for other movements, like going through the tunnel, rolling, and sliding. It was great fun! We also made up a song when some of us felt a little sad this morning: "Mommy always comes back, Mommy always comes back, Hi-ho the Dairy-o, Mommy always comes back!" We also sang this with each child's name. 
  • Other songs: Skinnymarinky dinky dink, Humpty dumpty, Hey diddle diddle, Pat-a-cake, Wheels on the bus, Twinkle twinkle, etc. 
  • We danced to "I like to move it move it" and "No More Monkeys" with scarves and bubbles!

Art & Sensory

  • Painting the Big Green Monster with tempera paints
  • Drawing in our music notebooks as we listen to classical music - Hamish said music is like "ding-dong." And Zara said, "I hear the music. It's good." 
  • Drawing with markers on paper and on our big pumpkin. Tomorrow it will become a jack-o-lantern!
  • Feathers on sticky paper! Joseph had the wonderful idea to blow the feathers, and all of his friends joined in, too. 

Joseph concentrating really hard on blowing the feather!

Math & Manipulatives

  • Unit blocks and curved blocks exploration
  • Magnets
  • Bristle blocks
  • Train tracks

Dylan carefully stacks the blocks with his friends on them.

Hamish is working on letter and name recognition with our Pumpkins!

Dramatic Play

  • Cooking, baking, and mixing!
  • Trying on different outfits
  • Taking care of our big giraffe

Zara created the wave of the future- a rock phone :) 

Kedar paused his baking to reference the Stop and Go "cookbook." 

Ava needed to investigate to see if the leaves were real or not. They're paper!

Joseph needed to know, too!

Music with Evan

  • We sang the wake up song
  • Everyone got to strum Evan's guitar
  • Evan played No More Monkeys and used our stuffed monkeys as props! 
  • Twinkle twinkle & The goodbye song

Evan playing No More Monkeys-


  • Having a blast following along to our made up song about jumping, rolling, sliding and crawling