This morning we celebrated Kedar's 2nd birthday- now we're all 2! We got some fun party blowers, hats, and clappers to make noise! We sang happy birthday and got to eat some delicious cake. We hope you have a wonderful birthday, Kedar. 

Books & Songs

  • We sang: Around and around, Days of the week, and Wheels on the bus
  • We read: Five Little Pumpkins, The Fantastic Pumpkin, Scuffy the Steamboat
  • During our morning meeting we discovered that two different pieces of mail have arrived! We received a postcard from Joseph's cousin in Canada and we also received a small package from a school in Exeter, New Hampshire. They shared a postcard with their library on it, a bag with a maple leaf and birch bark strips, and a card that all of the kindergarteners had drawn. We can't wait to write back and continue connecting!

Art & Sensory

  • Leaf People: We used some beautiful fall leaves and herbs to make some really fun people. We started by choosing a leaf for a head, then a body, and arms and legs. Some friends added hair to theirs as well. Zara made sure that her person had a mouth, fingers, and toes! These are really special and we can't wait to preserve them and display them for you. 
  • Costumes! More painting. We're almost done. Then we'll add the fun accessories. 

Making Music

  • Exploring with xylophones, shakers/maracas, drums and bells
  • Next week, after Halloween, we'll start making our own instruments and build our collection. 

French with Florence

  • We finished reading the story about emotions today. We also talked a lot about different colors and learned the word for fish, poisson
  • We sang a song about planting with different parts of our bodies. 


  • Lots of swinging in the gym today!