This morning we read a new story that has a fun puppet to go along with it: Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley. As we told the monster to go away, he looses each of his facial features until he disappears. Everyone had a chance to peel one item away (nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, etc.). We all sat so patiently waiting for a turn! I think our bears are almost ready to come down and play with us!

We also had shared snack today. Thank you Angelo & family for bringing in Pirate Booty and Apples for us to share. "We love our bread, we love our butter- but most of all, we love each other." 

Have a wonderful weekend! We'd still love natural materials, shoeboxes, and recycled materials for instrument making. Thanks for all of your help in supplying our classroom with rich materials for learning. 

Smelling fresh herbs. Angelo found some parsley.

Books & Songs

  • We read: The Five Billy Goats Gruff, Red Light Green Light, Are You My Daddy?, Is Your Mama a Llama and Little Owl's Colors
  • We sang: Good morning, Jump in the water, Days of the week, Rain rain go away, a Rainbow song (Red, orange, yellow, green- yellow, green; Red, orange, yellow, green- yellow, green; Blue, and Indigo, Purple too! Red, orange, yellow, green), Bringing home a baby bumble bee . . . and more.
  • We did more dancing with scarves to No More Monkeys (plus bubbles whirling by us as we danced). We also danced to the song "I Like to Move it." Ava said, "I never heard 'I like to move it' before! We play it again?"

Art & Sensory

  • Finger painting with orange and green
  • Water beads- Hamish told us, "These are yucky," but he continued to play with them. He was very excited that the orange ones looked like egg yolks! Cammy told us all of the different colors as he explored. We'll have to buy more soon- most of our water beads have gotten pinched and popped through our experiments. 
  • Drawing with tempera sticks
  • Drawing with oil pastels

Math & Manipulatives

  • Train tracks
  • Bristle blocks
  • Unit blocks with cars

Music with Isabella

  • This morning we got to use shakers and be conductors. We played the music quietly (piano) and loudly (forte). We pretended that we were making little rain drops and loud stormy rainfall! 
  • Isabella sang us the story, "Over in the Meadow." 

Raindrops and storms:


  • In the gym, we did a lot of play in the tunnel today