What we have found so exciting about this group of 2A's is that they find joy in all the little unexpected moments that happen in the classroom. For example, there was some cardboard wrapped in bubble wrap with finger paint waiting at the sensory table. Ava wasn't sure what it was so she brought it over to Rachel. Immediately five of us plunged our fingers into the paint and smeared it all around the bubble wrap. When we brought it over to the sensory table, someone accidentally knocked the bubble wrap upside down and we made a really fun print on the table! That turned into more fingerpaint exploration and creating "Mono-prints"- a print that's made a single time and then altered or changed. 

Also- I forgot to mention that we did an apple taste test yesterday. We had yellow, green and red apples to try. After tasting, everyone told us which was their favorite. Here are the results:

Red: Sanjay, Ava, Joseph, Kedar

Yellow: No one!

Green: Zara, Samuel, Hamish, Dylan

Books & Songs

  • We read: From Head to Toe, Panda Bear Panda Bear What Do You See?, I'm a Little Teapot
  • We sang: Around and around, Days of the week, Wheels on the bus
  • We did our "My First Yoga" book this morning- I must say, we have some really talented yogis in this group! 

Art & Sensory

  • Drawing inside a circle
  • Drawing in our music notebooks to classical music pieces- When I asked Samuel what he heard during the soft piece of music, he responded, "A butterfly flying." And Hamish heard "A spider in a spiderweb." We have insects on our mind especially since we danced to "The Flight of the Bumblebee" today.
  • Painting our costumes: Zara, Angelo and Cammy finished the backs of their costumes today. Now we're waiting for felt to arrive to make banana peels, and some fur for the monkeys. We also need to create tails! 
  • Gluing pom-poms into a box- fun fine motor and one to one correspondence, plus a great tactile experience. 
  • Exploring with ribbon- pulling, twisting, bunching up, tossing, and cuddling with a whole lot of ribbon!
  • Chalk on the easel
  • Drawing on a postcard for Zara's Aunt that we're going to send to Canada!

Math & Manipulatives

  • Magna-tiles on the light table- Joseph worked diligently to stack all of the different tiles by size and worked hard to separate them as well. They're not super easy to remove from each other, but he was really perseverant. 
  • Blocks- each morning Angelo searches for his "Angelo block" to make sure it's still there! He likes to carry it around for a while and show it all of the fun things that are going on!
  • Puzzles
  • Cars, trains and trucks


  • Each morning we have been taking out the pots and pans to make more music! It's been great to see the children explore independently. There has been a great interest in how we can make the music quietly, and also how we can make it loudly. We've also noticed that different pots make different sounds. 
  • We listened to two classical pieces today: In the Hall of the Mountain King and also The Flight of the Bumblebees. These two songs are wonderful because they really embody the quality of soft and loud sound. There is a build up to loud sounds. When listening to "The Flight of the Bumblebee," we used scarves to dance around and take on the qualities of bumblebees in flight. We'll continue listening to these two songs before moving on to some other great classical pieces. 
  • Everyone took a turn writing in their music notebook today. There's some new documentation up about our Music Project- come check it out if you have a moment!


  • We have really bonded with Pinky! The kids love her so much. They give her treats, are working really hard to only use gentle hands while petting her, and love to follow her around the classroom. Pinky's also great with the kids- and when she has had enough of being followed, she bounces back into her cage for a rest. We are working on these concepts with the kids: we only use open hands when touching Pinky (so we don't grab any fur or pinch), and we can't put anything into Pinky's cage or she might get sick. 


  • Gym time has become a tickling time! A lot of the 2A friends enjoy getting some little tickles from Janaris and Rachel while playing in the gym. 
  • We did a lot of balancing on the balance beam today
  • We have been getting used to kicking balls with our feet as our soccer class should be starting soon!