Happy Monday everyone! We had such a lovely morning with a great flow. Everyone was always busy and engaged- they are already experts on finding activities and working on what they wish. We love to see how much their independence has already blossomed in the last couple of weeks! 

Don't forget- tomorrow is "Back to School Night" at the WMP Gazebo. All siblings and family members are welcome to stop by from 4-6 for a potluck party. A great way to make new friends and deepen our community connection. 

Books & Songs

  • We read: The Rain Came Down, Pete the Cat: Four Groovy Buttons, and It's Fall!
  • We sang: Good morning, Days of the week, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, ABCs (We sang them really really fast, and then really slowly, too). 

Sanjay exploring the sponge painters and fall colors.

Bears, Bears!

  • More of our bears have names! Here's the current list (subject to change! We have to keep thinking until the name feels right).
  • Ava: Pink (She's a girl)
  • Sanjay: Hammer
  • Angelo: Bear
  • Hamish: Pumpkin
  • Cammy: Marilyn Mommy Daddy Bear (Cammy's bear is a girl)
  • Rachel: Rosie
  • Then we started picking out some ribbons for our bears to differentiate them from each other and make them easily recognizable. Some children wanted to create belts, necklaces, and headbands for their bears. Hamish even used the ribbon roll to make a hat for his Pumpkin Bear. We will continue creating clothing and accessories. Cammy wanted to make a car for his bear, so we'll start gathering materials to make special items that our bears might want.
  • Please send in any empty shoeboxes that you might have so we can create beds/homes/cribs for our bears! Thanks!

From left to right: Hammer (Sanjay's bear), Marilyn Mommy Daddy Bear (Cammy's), Pink (Ava's Bear), and still un-named (Joseph's bear with the blue and purple). 

Art & Sensory

  • Painting with sponge brushes
  • Painting our Halloween costumes- Today Cammy, Ava and Angelo started to work on their costumes.
  • Drawing on black paper with oil pastels
  • Drawing with chalk
  • Playing with ribbons- pulling them off of the spools, getting tangled in them, and enjoying. 

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building with blocks- we've been very interested in our picture blocks, and have had children request a Pinky block. So we'll make one for her too!
  • Building with Legos
  • Using different transparent materials on the light table


  • There were a few new shakers in the classroom, and a small rhythm band formed as we took out the "drums" from last week. 
  • We're going to start some basic construction of instruments soon, once all of the Halloween costumes are created. 

French with Florence

  • Florence brought a pumpkin with it's top cut so we could open and shut the pumpkin and take a peek inside at what's in there! The only one brave enough to touch inside the pumpkin was Hamish! 
  • We also sang a song about planting cabbage with different parts of our bodies- hands, feet, fingers, elbows . . .
  • Here's a video of our pumpkin exploration:  


  • Tunnel, Swing, Tent house and general silliness in the gym :)