This morning was filled with music! On the rug the children found many different metal bowls all overturned with some chopsticks as our drum sticks! It was very exciting for the children to realize that the different sizes and thickness of the bowls changed the sound that was created when hit. 

Dylan explores sound with metal bowl drums:

Also, Zara and Sanjay spent some time playing piano. We have a large piano (most of the keys work- some have stopped working over time) by the back bathrooms. Sanjay is very methodical and thoughtful as he presses the keys and really pays attention to the sound getting higher and lower in pitch. Here's a sound byte: 

Sanjay playing piano this morning:

Sanjay and Zara playing piano together:

I will put more links to videos at the end of the blog. We took a lot today as your budding musicians were prolific in their work and explorations. 

Bears, Bears, Everywhere!

A child who invents and uses a transitional object (Teddy bear) has the foundations to accomplish many important developmental milestones. The existence of a transitional object implies relationship, because a child must have an attachment relationship in order to create a symbol for it. Therefore, a child who invents such an object indicates that both parent and child have become attached to each other. The invention of a transitional object also demonstrates the child’s capacity to create symbols. Symbolic functioning is a precursor for language development, symbolic play, representational drawing, and meaningful reading and writing in the school years . . .”
— Lesley Koplow from Bears Bears Everywhere!

We also introduced something brand new to the children- bears! We have 14 teddy bears perched up on our shelf. Rachel's bear came down today to let all the children know that the bears really want to come down and play but they are going to wait until the classroom is safe and ready for them to join us. Each child will get his or her own bear, which they will name, make clothing for, make a bed for, and start using to strengthen social-emotional communication skills. We will use the bears when there are problems in the classroom; when we hurt our friends, when we don't share, and when we forget to use our words instead of our hands. The Bears will be too scared to come down if we don't make our environment safe. These bears will also be perfect on days when children are feeling a little sad or a little sick; they can use the bears to tell their stories. 

There is actually a whole book explaining the benefits to using Teddy Bears in the classroom that all three of us are reading right now. We can't wait to share some of the important information with you, and use these bears as a tool in the classroom to strengthen our emotional intelligence, verbal abilities, and understanding of empathy and community. 

Please let me know if you have questions!

What can we do to make our bears happy and safe?

Ava- No hitting. We'll keep our hands to ourselves. And we keep our bears to ourselves.

Dylan- Give them food.

Joseph- Be happy.

Angelo- Share with the bears.

Sanjay- No hitting.

Cammy- Play with them.

Zara- Make them nice. We can be nice or give a high five! And cuddles!

What do you want to name your bear? (Our conversation got a little sidetracked during lunchtime, but Cammy was able to answer)

Cammy- Marilyn Daddy Mommy Bear

Books & Songs

  • We sang: Days of the week, Good morning, Hurry hurry drive the firetruck, Humpty Dumpty
  • We read: Pete the Cat: Twinkle Twinkle and The Animals on the Bus at the Zoo

Art & Sensory

  • Painting at the easel with primary colors (red, yellow, blue)
  • Drawing with chalk
  • Drawing on a paper with a leaf glued on

Math & Manipulatives

  • Building train tracks
  • Counting with leaves

Dramatic Play

  • Cooking for the animals in the kitchen
  • Playing with cameras
  • Figuring out how to get items out of an empty wipes box

Music with Isabella

We listened to Edvard Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King" and noticed how music can get louder and softer.

Dancing with Isabella:


  • Dancing with scarves
  • Parachute games in the gym

Shared Snack

This week we did a cooking project in lieu of shared snack. We used honeycrisp apples and took turns using the apple press to cut the apple into pieces. We threw out the seeds and the cores with the stems! Then we used some pillsbury crescent dough to wrap up the slices of apples and make some mini apple pies! They were very yummy!

We love our Bread, We love our Butter, but most of all, We love each other!
— Shared snack poem