We had our very first French class with Florence this morning. We sang a greeting song so Florence could start learning our names, and then we read a story in French. The book was about an elephant that lost his glasses and had to ask all of the other animals where it went. We will see Florence every Monday and Tuesday. 

See you on Thursday! We are closed tomorrow for Yom Kippur. 

Books & Songs

  • We read: Trains, Not a Box, Good Night, Good Night Construction Site, and Where Is The Green Sheep?, Red Light Green Light
  • We sang: Good morning, Around and around, Days of the Week, and Twinkle Twinkle

Talking about Pumpkins

Rachel is collecting words and information from the kids about pumpkins so we can start to formulate our own poem!

  • Ava- A pumpkin orange.
  • Joseph- Pumpkin. Heavy. Leaf. 
  • Zara- Pumpkins! Round pumpkins. 
  • Samuel- I hold all the pumpkins. Pumpkin's little. It's heavy. Mommy and Daddy are big pumpkins. There's a car inside the pumpkin!
  • Dylan- Pumpkin is broken. (One of our pumpkins has a stem broken off). 
  • Hamish- The pumpkin is too heavy. Spiders on it! Cobweb!

Music Project

  • This morning we started drawing in our special books while listening to classical music. We've also noticed that the music impacts how the children are drawing in our chalk area. When the music is fast or loud, we see a lot of really fast circles and dots. When the music is slow and quiet the children's movements on the page are kind of tentative and meandering. 
  • I'll be making a panel in the classroom with more information and images from the children's music books. 
  • We'll also start putting music notes and other music related print around the classroom for observing. 

Art & Sensory

  • Painting with red, orange and yellow- most friends didn't mix the colors at all and just used one on their paper
  • Sticky paper with cut out paper leaves 
  • Drawing at the chalk table
  • Drawing at the easel with markers
  • Drawing in music notebooks
  • Sanjay was the first to start his costume- he began painting his shirt yellow for his banana costume. 


  • In the gym we played a fun game that has a song to it, "See the ponies galloping, galloping, down the country lane (x3). See the pony's coming home, all tired out." We'd gallop around the gym and then lay down in the grass to rest. 
  • Bubbles!

Math & Manipulatives

  • Cars and trucks
  • Hedgehog number puzzle
  • Rearranging puzzle pieces