After spending some time in the classroom exploring our bus, we headed outside to enjoy the lovely weather!  Everyone seemed to really enjoy running around.  We saw THREE excavators IN ACTION as we approached school on our way back to eat lunch.  The kiddos kept repeating, "so many excavators," parroting what they had heard their teacher say.  It's pretty adorable to listen to a bunch of two-year olds say tricky, four syllable words like "excavator."  

  • Circle Time- Good Morning, "Jump In the Water" 
  • Gym- free play
  • Specialist- none
  • Art/ Sensory- drawing with crayons
  • Dramatic Play- driving our bus
  • Reading- "Jazz Baby,"  "Down By the Station," "Bus Stop," "Fireman Small" 
  • Math/Science- building with magnet tiles