Many of the kiddos dress up and pretend to go to "work."  This play could symbolize many things.  They could want to pretend to be like their favorite people in the world (mom and dad).  Or maybe, they could want to play out being in a position of control - getting to do the leaving on their own terms, much like parents get to do in the morning.  We got curious - what do they think happens at "work?" So, during Circle Time, the children were asked:  What do mommies and daddies do when they go to work?  Here are some of the answers we got:

"They have a computer." 

"They go up an elevator." 

"They make phone calls."

"I have candies in my pockets and coat."  (Sadly, no candies were found.)

  • Circle Time- Good Morning, "Jump In the Water," daily discussion
  • Gym- free play
  • Specialist- Music with Evan!  Our last class with him.  
  • Art/ Sensory- ink blot painting
  • Imaginary Play- going to work, riding on the bus
  • Reading- "School Bus," "Bus Stop," "The Pigeon Wants a Cookie"
  • Math/Science- building with legos