Every spring we order caterpillars for each classroom.  We watch the caterpillars change into butterflies and the kids get to experience this incredible event right before their eyes.  In order to allow the kids some room to wonder about the process and exactly what we have brought into the room, we have been careful with our language while talking about these fascinating creatures.  How might the children experience what is happening, and what discoveries can be made, when the grown-ups in the room are patient with what we already know?!      

  • circle Time- Good Morning, meeting our caterpillars 
  • Gym- free play
  • Specialist- none
  • Art/ Sensory- blind painting - mixing colors under tin foil, cutting interesting materials
  • Imaginary Play- coming and going
  • Reading- "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," "Nursery Rhymes," "Max Found Two Sticks," "The End"
  • Math/Science- building with large hallow blocks