While playing with play-dough this morning the children started to sing, "Happy Birthday."  Once the singing was completed they'd pretend to blow out the candles or ask a teacher to blow out the candles.  We had some candles saved for birthday celebrations and went ahead and brought them out for the kids to use.  Excitement gathered as the candles were passed out!  It seemed as though they treasured the opportunity to use such a special item for playing out some really fun and memorable moments.  Paired with the lights that were also on the table, the students seemed to have a real recipe for some fun imaginary play.  

  • Circle Time- Greetings and names 
  • Gym- Play with small colorful lights
  • Art/ Sensory- exploring play-dough, painting with big brushes
  • Imaginary play- exploring boxes, walking in adult shoes
  • Specialist- none
  • Reading- "Kuffle Bunny," Hug Machine," "My Friends," "The Feelings Book"
  • Math/Science- building with legos and train tracks