With each season comes interesting elements to explore - for winter, snow is one of those magical things that can't be ignored!  After receiving as much snow as we did this weekend, it seemed only natural that we would provide as many opportunities today to talk about it.  So, we did lots of things that might remind us snow by painting with white paint, reading stories about it, and bringing it into the classroom to get a closer look!  It was so fun to watch the children explore this incredible material.  

We also took a trip to a neighboring classroom to visit one of the schools pet bunnies, Pinkey.  We gave her letuce and carrots and gentle pets!

  • Circle Time- Greetings and names, talking about our visit to meet the school bunny
  • Gym- parachute play
  • Art/Sensory play- exploring SNOW with our hands, painting with white paint, painting snow
  • Specialist- none (unfortunately, Isabella was also unable to come today)
  • Reading-  "Hello, Snow!" "10 Little Snow Flakes," "Pip and Squeak"
  • Math/Science- exploring SNOW!