Much of what we will do in the classroom this week will be a continuation of what we began to explore last week.  As the children continue to adjust, we are trying to provide them with some measure of comfort in routine, both in the experiences available and in the schedule of the day.  It is also possible that the children may have scenarios they still want to play out or questions they want to try to answer from last week.  For the educators, the repetition provides a similar sort of comfort, or allowance, by giving us time to build upon the understandings we've only just begun to create about these unique individuals.  

  • Circle time- learning names, using instruments
  • Gym- free play
  • Art- painting at the small easel
  • Reading- "Mouse's First Day of School," "Mouse Paint," "Bunny Likes to Munch" 
  • Themed play- exploring object permanence