We welcomed a new student to the 1B classroom today!  Naomi will be with us Monday through Friday.  She seemed to really enjoy meeting our fish and frog, and playing in the kitchen.  We look forward to playing and growing with her this year!  

We had a really great day, even if it began with a few more tears than usual.  Mondays can be hard.  After two whole days home with Mom and Dad, coming back to school can be a little less fun and familiar than it was on Friday.  To help the kids get back into the swing of things, we all did our best to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible, with lots of hugs and favorite stories and toys.  

  • Circle time- learning names and singing favorite songs
  • Gym- free play
  • Art- chalk and painting at the small easel
  • Reading- "The Bye, Bye Book," "Mouse's First Day of School," and "Go Away, Big Green Monster" 
  • Themed play- exploring object permanence