We did lots and lots today - a positive indication of a successful first week.  The students show us that they are getting more and more comfortable because they are able to stay busy, curious, ad focused.  This excites us as educators because their engagement with the space (and each other!) provides us with information about the children we are working with.  Just by watching the students and making notes about what they play with and for how long and in what ways, we are able to gain lots of clues about each child and are able to learn how each is truly an individual.       

  • Circle time- sang songs and learned names 
  • Gym- we saw lots of jumping, climbing, sliding, rolling/throwing balls
  • Art- painting at the big easel with primary colors
  • Reading- "My First Day of Preschool," "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"
  • Sensory- molding play-dough with our hands