Today was a full day of excitement, exploration, and building community!  The children interacted and played together in different centers and we spent time introducing everyone to the routines we will work to establish (like cleaning up, sitting as a group for Circle Time, and eating together).  As everyone acclimates we will spend lots of time like this.  Our biggest goal as educators right now, is to focus on getting to know the students and working on the ways we can feel connected and strong as a group.  The better we know each other and work well together, the safer we'll feel to grow, change, and have fun. 

  • Circle time- sang songs and learned names
  • Gym- explored our new space
  • Art- explored watercolors
  • Books read: Brown Bear, Brown Bear; Rosie Goes to Pre-School
  • Sensory Exploration- using play dough with our hands
  • Free Play- we saw a lot of imaginary play, block building, using crayons, sharing toys