We've stayed busy talking about the approaching holidays and using sensory and art explorations to make the room festive and bright. Not only do we hope the children find joy in doing things that are festive and perhaps a little silly (like reading about snowmen and reindeer), but we hope that we are able to bring some awareness to the "cultural scrips" that are being developed.  Cultural scripts are patterns of interaction which are unique to a particular culture.  Special celebrations like birthdays, holidays or even events such as taking a bath or going out to dinner, these are cultural scrips.  No matter what the "script," understanding is being developed that give the children context, comfort, and understanding within their own cultures and others.  

  • Circle Time- Greetings and names, singing with Rhythm sticks
  • Art/Sensory play- exploring sand, putting lights on our holiday tree, making tree decorations     
  • Specialist- Classical music with Isabella
  • Reading- "Llama, Llama Holiday Drama," "My First Hanukkah," "My First Christmas" 
  • Math/Science- exploring pop tubes,