Something that we've noticed to be an underlying theme of sorts is, "coming and going."  This topic is one that interest toddlers because of the emotional and physical developments occurring.  Toddlers, as they furiously work to master physicality, are learning of the power they have to come and go as they an extent.  Imagine what that must feel like after spending over a year being carried or pushed from one place to another!  What they also furiously working at is to understand why, how, and where the people they love most go when not in sight.  These ideas are reflected in play - as seen when a child hides a toy in a nook and then pushes it out to be revealed once again.

  • Circle Time- Greetings and names, singing with Rhythm sticks
  • Gym- listening to contrasting classical music while playing 
  • Art/Sensory play- exploring dry Oobleck, using pencils, painting 
  • Specialist- French with Flo
  • Reading- "Don't Push the Button," "Owl Babies," "Bear and Hare Share"
  • Math/Science- exploring Oobleck and lights, building with blocks, magnet tiles at the light table