Apples and pumpkins have been a reoccurring theme for the children - it seems both at school and home.  We are hearing lots about the ways in which each of the 1B families is welcoming the season.  Talking about fall and working to incorporate elements of the season (like its bounty, holidays like Halloween, and the weather) the students are invited to look at the world in both a changing way and a cultural context.  And all while doing this, opportunities arise to work on the skills we've already begun to explore - be it friendship, art, or scientific discovery.   

  • Circle Time- Greetings and names, exploring Apple through touch, sight, smell (before we taste!)
  • Gym- racing and running
  • Specialist- French with Flo, exploring pumpkins in another language
  • Art/Sensory play- using markers and dot-dots 
  • Reading- "Five Little Pumpkins, Pete the Cat," "Pete the Cat and His White Shoes," "Pete the Cat and His Groovy Buttons" 
  • Math/Science- observing apples, building with pegs and blocks