Happy Monday!

1A had such a spectacular day upon returning to school after their weekend. They did such a fabulous job of playing, sharing, and exploring today!

The 1A teachers want to remind everyone that our second round of parent teacher conferences will be taking place next Friday May 12th from 8:30am – 1pm. A sign-up sheet will be posted tomorrow, so you can select the time slot most convenient for you!

Today we….

·      Made play-dough and had lots of fun exploring our new creation!

·      Explored our caterpillars during circle time! We talked about how they’ve gotten bigger from last week and discussed how we used to be smaller and we keep on growing too, just like the caterpillars!

·      Explored soil and other natural materials in the sensory table

·      Explored with dry erase markers on our clear easel. The children loved watching each other from the other side as they colored!

·      Played with blocks, bristle blocks and peg boards

·      Explored dramatic play

Today we read….

·      The Very Hungry Caterpillar

·      Collection of Nursery Rhymes (Nursey rhymes are a great way to work on phonological processes!)

Today we sang…

·      Running Around

·      What’s the Weather

·      The ABC’s

·      Wheels on the Bus