Today we celebrated another birthday in the 1A classroom! Our Alisha is turning two years old tomorrow!! 

Shan, Alisha’s mom brought in fresh fruit for her snack time birthday party! We sang happy birthday to Alisha, wore fun hats, and read one of Alisha’s favorite stories “Some Babies”. It has been such an honor to watch your children grow, learn, and develop into the unique individuals that they have become.

Just a friendly reminder that Buckle My Shoe Will be closed for spring break starting Monday April 10th, and will reopen on Wednesday April 19th. We hope everyone has a safe, relaxing and beautiful break and we look forward to seeing everyone back in school on April 19th! 

Today we….

·      Had a birthday party for Alisha!

·      Painted on mirrors with tempera paints

·      Visited the infant room!

·      Explored dramatic play – we have been super into using the kitchen and making soups and smoothies lately

·      Had a dance party!

·      Watched a video of a violinist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3SSEd2MO7g and a video of a drummer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y38yE4tItBw. The children loved both!

·      Made a birthday present for Alisha!


Today we sang….

·      Happy Birthday

·      Running Around

·      Wheels On the Train

·      Rum-sum-sum

·      Open Shut Them


Today we read…

·      Some Babies

·      Subway