Today we furthered our weather exploration by having a discussion during circle time about what the weather: what sort of colors are in the sky, how the weather feels, and if it’s sunny, rainy, or cloudy. We also discussed what the weather felt like yesterday, what it felt like today, and what the weather may be like tomorrow (this allows the children an opportunity to make connections to the past, present, and future). Because today was rainy, we painted clouds and rain drops with blue and black water colors - this allowed the children to bring the outside indoors and make connections with their outdoor environment…and as always…get really, really messy (which pretty much seems to be their favorite thing ever!)


Today we…

·     Finger painted pine cones and natural woods with tempera paints and rice for sensory/ art in addition to our weather exploration

·     Had free play in the gym. During this time, we had races, did animal yoga – (our favorite pose so far is the cat pose!), and played freeze-movement: the children have to listen to the teacher’s instructions for movements – this includes doing the cha-cha, twirling, hopping like a bunny, etc. The children are quite good at this game and make us so proud!

·     Had a tea party with our baby dolls and made some delicious pretend smoothies in the kitchen

·     Played with legoes and magnetiles



Today we read…

·     Babies Everywhere

·     Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

·     Goodnight Moon


Today we sang….

·     Running Around

·     The Wheels on the Train

·     What’s the Weather?

·     The Ants Go Marching