What a beautiful, spectacular, wonderful day! Thank you to everyone in our 1A family that came out to celebrate Special Persons Day! Even of those who were only able to stay for a little while or we just saw you in passing during drop off, your presence was still cherished. Community is so important to our classroom and school – and we truly, truly could not have asked for a better group of families. Thank you for making our little community what it is!


Today we…

·      Celebrated Special Persons Day and Jude’s 2nd birthday!

·      Had Romeo’s sister read us a story!

·      Planted our seeds!

·      Had free play in the gym and played with the parachute!

·      Had a dance party

·      Ate cupcakes and got to play with a piñata (we seriously loved it)!

·      Explored dramatic play

·      Explored the soil that we planted our seeds with – our little learners also figured out how to add water and make mud with the soil…needless to say they loved it


Today we sang…

·      Happy Birthday to Jude!

·      Running Around

·      Wheels On the Bus

·      Roly Poly


Today we read…

·      The Cat in the Hat


Have a beautiful weekend and see you all back in school on Monday!



Bridget, Janet, and Ty