Happy Monday!


Today we celebrated our first day of Week of the Young Child! We ate snacks from different cultures, listened to different types of music from all over the world, and read “We All Sing With the Same Voice”. Here is everything else we did today!


Also, just a reminder that we will be having a music workshop with Josie from 3A, from 9:50-10:10. Parents are invited to stay if they would like!


Today we…

·      Worked on our hand print project

·      Had free play in the gym

·      Did animal yoga

·      Began painting our flower pots!

·      Explored dramatic play

·      Washed our babies and played in the sandbox

·      Played with legoes


Today we read…

·      We All Sing With the Same Voice

·      It’s Okay to Be Different

·      Firetruck 


Today we sang…

·      Running Around

·      The Weather Song

·      Roly Poly

·      Head Shoulders Knees and Toes