Hello 1A family!!


It was great to see all of our friends back in class after the three-day weekend!


The 1A teachers would greatly appreciate any old dress up items you may have – we are beginning to see more of a shift from literal to symbolic play with our students, and we would love to continue encouraging this with fun dress up items! Any donations would be so appreciated!


Here is what we did today!


Today we…

·      Got very, very messy. We made slime with paint and glue and it was cold, slimy, super fun, and super-duper messy (we are sorry if you’re little one got sent home on the messier side today!!)

·      Explored with paint on paper – we introduced circle stamps to the children, however they were more interested in exploring the paint with their hands. Parker even climbed up on the table and decided to do a full body paint exploration 😂

·      We played peekaboo with the parachute and made a tent!

·      Had a dance party to “I Like to Move It, Move It” while rocking out with our rhythm sticks

·      Listened to lots of classical music that highlighted piano vs. forte (loud vs. soft). The children have become super attuned to these dynamics and would point out the dynamics when the music would grow soft – Alisha pointed out that the music was “piano” and Romeo said “shh!”. The children also spent a lot of time trying to figure out how the music was coming from the speakers!

·      Had French class with Florence!


Today we sang….

·      Running Around

·      Watermelon, Watermelon

·      The Wheels on the Bus (This is probably the most popular song in our classroom!)

·      The ABC’s (requested by Jude)

·      Blow a Bubble of “Shh”!


Today we read…

·      Fire Engine


See you tomorrow!



Bridget, Janet, and Ty