Our baby doll project has taken on a life of its own! 1A’s baby doll play has not only encouraged the 1A class to delve into the realm of pretend play via feeding, rocking, and putting their dolls to sleep – but it has also taught them to be more loving and caring towards one another. In modeling these behaviors with their dolls, it is helping them understand and make the world their own by practicing these everyday events. We look forward to exploring this realm of play with the 1A class! 


Today we…

·     Had French with Florence

·     Explored dramatic play

·     Played in the sandbox!

·     Painted with cars

·     Went for a ride in our “train

·     Played with blocks


Today we read…

·     Pete the Cat and His 4 Groovy Buttons


Today we sang…

·     Running Around

·     The Ants Go Marching

·     The ABC’s

·     The Wheels On the Bus 

  • The Weather Song