Today we made slime with shaving cream, glue, and green paint. The children loved the sensation of mixing all of the ingredients together and the way the cold slime felt on their hands. We also noticed that the slime served as a really great prompt for language – because the children were so excited about the slime, they were in turn more motivated to use their language when prompted. Overall, our slime exploration was a successful one! 

We wanted to share two links with you for the upcoming week. The first one is a link to Aaron Copland's Hoedown from "Rodeo". It's a classical piece that the children have been enjoying listening to as of late, and will be our listening project for the week!

The second link is related to rhythmic notation. We have started introducing this sort of notation to the children, and this is a video that the children really seemed to enjoy! We are looking forward to seeing how the children respond and process this sort of information over the course of the next few weeks. Again, feel free to play this at home!

Today we…

·      Talked about how we get to school each day…and how Sloane flew back to NYC in an airplane this weekend! We then pretended to fly around the classroom in our own airplanes. It was delightfully cute.

·      Made slime!

·      Explored dramatic play

·      Used dot-dot paint and crayons on the easel

·      Played with blocks

·      Played with our cars


Today we read…

·      Llama Llama is Mad at Mama – We used the book to talk about feelings. The 1A class is at a stage in their development in which they are exploring how to use expressive language. A way in which we try to do this is by talking about emotions – this was a great book in helping identify an emotion that comes up a lot in our class (usually over a feud over a toy or snack).


Today we sang…

·      Running Around

·      The ABC’s

·      The Ants Go Marching

·      The Wheels on the Bus