Hi parents! Tomorrow we will be hosting our tea party!  Please feel free to bring in healthy snacks for our class and stay if you would like. The tea party will take place during snack time!


Today we…

·      Read Maxi the Taxi and built our own yellow taxi!

·      Played with little toy people – Nicholas and Alisha enjoyed playing “Ring Around the Rosie” with them

·      Had free play in the gym

·      Had music with Evan

·      Explored paint on the table with our hands – the children always love the chance to get messy!


Today we sang…

·      Running Around

·      We are the Dinosaurs

·      Open Shut Them

·      The Ants go Marching


Today we read…

·      Maxi the Taxi

·      I Like Me

·      Llama, Llama Time to Share


See you tomorrow!