Today we gave our babies bubble baths! At this stage of development children learn through imitation – it is a vital learning tool to the development of abilities ranging from language to social skills. For 1-year-olds, imitation follows a four-step process: watching and listening, processing the information, attempting to copy a behavior, and practicing. Among the actions toddlers most love to imitate are household activities, such as sweeping the floor or grooming themselves – this may range from pretending to brush their teeth or washing their baby dolls. 

Here is a summary of the rest of our day!  

       •  Circle Time- Greetings, names, expressing feelings

  Gym- Free play

  Art/Sensory play- Sand box, watercolors

  Reading-  Hands Are Not for Hitting, Subway (We’ve read it three times – it has become a favorite for 1A!), Five Little Monkeys

  Math/Science- Legoes