We introduced our new rhythm sticks today and they were a hit! The children seem to have innate sense of rhythm and really responded to playing their sticks along to orchestrated compositions. We also had a piano exploration which the children loved!


Music has the capacity to play and integral role in shaping the individual child’s brain architecture. Studies have shown that musical training may do more for children then simply teaching them rote scales through memorization-it exercises parts of the brain useful in mathematics, spatial intelligence, and other intellectual pursuits.


       •  Circle Time- Greetings, names, body parts,                  differentiations in sound

  Gym- Free play

  Art/Sensory play- Sponge painting

  Reading-  Llama, Llama Time to Share – Alisha and Jude loved it so much we read it twice at lunch!

   Math/Science- We made slime with corn starch and water. The children enjoyed exploring the different textures!