Happy Wednesday! The 1A classroom is doing a wonderful job of adjusting to their second week of school, and we are so very proud of them! Also, we apologize if any of your little ones were sent home messy. Today was our first day using water colors and glue, and while we had so much fun, a few of us got a little messy! 

Today we...

  • Explored new materials such as water colors, glue, and feathers
  • Played with oil pastels on paper
  • Made music with our existing instruments and explored how to make sound with new ones
  • Explored the idea of object permanence within dramatic play and other materials in our classroom 
  • Played in the water table in the sensory room


Today we sang:

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  • The ABC'S
  • Watermelon, Watermelon
  • Old McDonald

Today we read: 

  • Llama, Llama Goes to School
  • Rosie Goes to Preschool
  • The Big Green Monster

See you all tomorrow!


Bridget and Janet