Hello! 1A had a quiet day with just Sloane, Jude, and Nicholas in class today! We definitely missed our friends that were out, but still had such a great day of playing, exploring, and making music!


Today we…

  • Painted with shaving cream and hair gel! This was a great opportunity in allowing the children to explore materials that they may not normally get to play with. Sensory exercises and materials such as these allow children to better explore and process the world around as they gain an understanding of their natural environment.
  • Had free play in the gym – we loved swinging on the swing!
  • Played with blocks and little people!
  •  Explored the water table
  • Explored dramatic play


Today we read…

  • The Snowy Day


Today we sang…

  •  The Hello Song
  •  Where is Thumbkin? (We are currently working on the “th” sound in class. This is a great way to introduce the “th” sound!)
  • The Ants Go Marching
  • Baby Shark
  • Jingle Bells


See you tomorrow!



Bridget and Janet