Hello! Here are the pictures and a summary of what the 1A class did yesterday! I definitely missed being away from the children and it was so great to be back in the classroom today! Additionally, just a heads up that we are having technical difficulties with our site and there are a few images that are not meant to be up - however, I wanted to make you all were able to see yesterday's pictures! 

Today we…

·      Painted with cars!

·      Had music class with Evan

·      Had free play in the gym

·      Explored the light table with magna-tiles and building structures

·      Explored dramatic play

·      Played with clay and popsicle sticks!


Today we sang…

·      The Hello Song

·      Watermelon, Watermelon

·      If You’re Happy and You Know It


Today we read…

·      Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons



Bridget and Janet